Durgesh Thapa’s Durgesh Thapa recently committed

Durgesh Thapa’s death? Durgesh Thapa recently committed suicide!

Now there are posts and videos about Durgesh Thapa’s Mirtu on social media and YouTube and these posts are becoming very viral.

But you should not trust in such things, these are all fake news, nothing has happened to Durgesh Thapa and he is not very safe!

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That message sent to the aggrieved singer in the middle of the night that led to Paul Shah’s detention

The New Marfali Hotel and Lodge across from the police station in Damauli is deserted as the YouTuber returns. There is no alleged activist who raised slogans in favor of the accused outside the police office.

A crowd gathered in Damauli since his arrest. The hotels and restaurants around the police station did good business for 4-5 days when YouTubers and activists from Kathmandu were staying. When they returned on Thursday, the police station was deserted.

The minor victim gave a statement at the public prosecutor’s office on Friday. It has been said that he gave a statement in support of the abuse mentioned in the complaint. According to him, the victim is sticking to her statement. The office is taking statements from other witnesses. On behalf of the victim, a criminal complaint was filed at the East Nawalpur police office, so a statement will be made at the public prosecutor’s office there as well.

Actors Durgesh Thapa and Samrat Chaulagain have come to Damauli on Wednesday and given their statements on behalf of the victims.

Although the police took a statement from Shah, who is in custody, he has not accepted the charges. Although he lived in the same house with the victim during the shooting of the music video, he has given a statement that he had no physical contact. In the health examination of the victim, the report of the child’s sexual assault has already been received.

The case of actor Paul Shah being detained on the charge of molesting a minor (under 18) singer is currently in the news. This has intensified the debate about rape in Nepali society.

Along with this, everyone’s attention has been drawn to what kind of punishment is there in the law related to rape.

Perhaps the legal definition of rape, which is not known to many people, is being known by the Paul case, but a few days after Paul himself filed a complaint of rape against him at the District Police Office Tanahun, the audio “evidence” of a conspiracy to trap him through Facebook.

made public In the audio, the ‘victim’ is heard to have been ‘raised’ against him by his own friends.

This ‘evidence’, i.e., even if Paul had physical intercourse, if it is confirmed that it was ‘consensual’, he will avoid legal punishment.
The law says – they will not be saved under any circumstances. Because it is clearly written in the law – having physical relations with a person under the age of 18 is rape in itself.

In other words, even if intercourse is done against his/her own consent, it is considered rape once it reaches the scope of the law. No ‘proof’ will work on this.
Therefore, if it is confirmed that there is a sexual relationship between Paul Shah and the complainant singer, there is no way for actor Paul to avoid legal action.**** Click below to watch the full video of this news** **

So now there is no way for him to avoid punishment?

It is not even possible to make such a mistake. Because now there are only accusations against him. He is not considered ‘rape’ unless the charge is proved as a crime by the court. Therefore, if Paul Shah does not have sexual contact with the girl during the investigation, there is a possibility that he will avoid prosecution.

Another thing is that if the evidence is submitted that the victim is a minor, i.e. not under 18 years of age, and if it is confirmed that he had a consensual relationship with her, then there is a possibility that the actor can avoid legal action.

The last way to avoid punishment is if the victim changes her statement in court.
But even if the victim wants to change his statement after the incident and is under various influences, it is a very difficult situation.

Because changing the statement in such a case, the victim may be prosecuted for making a false complaint. That the current rape law should be amended to suit Paul Shah.

Otherwise, there is very little chance of him escaping from the charges he has been arrested on. However, the final edge will be determined by the investigation and the court.

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