Don’t act like you don’t even see it. Who will get well soon for someone who is sad like me?

Who will get well soon for a sad person like me?
It is said that food is for the body, but it is more related to the brain. So we eat whenever our heart asks for food. But some people eat more when they are angry or sad.

Eating when you are angry is not bad, but if you don’t eat properly, it will harm your body. There are some foods which help in controlling anger.

Orange helps reduce anger. Although it may sound strange, oranges help control anger. It contains some antioxidants like vitamin C, fiber and carotenoids,

Which increases dopamine and controls mood swings. In addition, it hydrates the body and its taste helps to relieve irritation.

This too

7-day ultimatum to the office of Nepal Trust to vacate Kathmandu Plaza
Kathmandu. The office of Nepal Trust has requested to vacate its office at Kathmandu Plaza in Kamaladi.

The office has requested that the belongings of Rajgharana Ghazal Restaurant and Party Venue Pvt Ltd and Nirmaya Dohori Sanjh Pvt Ltd, which were operating at the time, be taken and replaced on the upper floor of the building of Kathmandu Plaza. These offices are closed since 2nd of May 2078.

After discussing with the owners of the above commercial organizations regarding the sealed condition, on the 4th of Baisakh, representatives of the ward office, the police and you, including the owners, opened the lock in Rohwar and opened the goods which are in the same condition.

In the same situation, the goods have been delivered and paid for and the dues have been paid and the place has not been vacated, so this notice has been published, said the notification.

In addition, the office has repeatedly sent letters and Viber to vacate the house, and if the house is not vacated within 7 days from the date of publication of this notice, the office will vacate the house according to the law.

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