Businessman eats poison on Facebook live, after his wife couldn’t swallow it, she ate the remaining poison herself (with video)

A video of a businessman eating poison live on Facebook and his wife trying to remove the puddle of poison from his hand to prevent him from dying is now going viral on social media.

Even though the wife tried hard, she could not remove the poison from the hands of the businessman. After the husband ate the poison, the wife also ate the poison left in the poco. Now the wife has died and the husband is in the hospital in a serious condition.

It can be seen in the fallen Facebook video that the poison-eating trader is asking the viewers to make the video viral. After hearing the rumor that this businessman from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, India was taking poison, the neighbors who reached there took them to the hospital where the wife died and the husband is in critical condition.

It is said that the reason for these traders taking suicidal steps is the loss of business due to the tax system of the government. He was a wholesaler of shoes. This businessman named Rajeev Tomar was living in Subhash Nagar with his wife Punak and two sons Vipul and Ridam for the past 5 years.

He has a shoe shop on Bavali Road. He is a wholesaler. For the past few months, his business was facing recession. He had to take a loan from a neighboring shopkeeper to meet the expenses.

Rajeev: Started Facebook Live. His wife was talking to him at that time. In the video, he is heard saying to his wife, “Government doesn’t listen to anyone, you listen to me, sit down.” After that he took out the poison. His wife asks him what it is but he eats poison and drinks water without answering.

His wife saved his life by trying to remove the poison from his mouth. Meanwhile, the live video continued. In this process, Rajiv expressed dissatisfaction with the country’s tax system. Then he collapses.

After failing to save her husband, his wife eats the poison left in Poco. Wife Poonam died due to poison. Rajeev is in ICU. The doctor said that they had taken aluminum phosphate tablets.

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