Brother jumped into the burning pyre after doing this…

A young man committed suicide by jumping on the funeral pyre of his uncle’s daughter in Majhguwan village near Sagar in Madhya Pradesh, India.

After getting the news that his sister died after drowning in a well, the young man came to his father’s house from Dhar, 430 km away. He went straight to the cremation ground and slept leaning on the burning pyre. He also died while being taken to the hospital. After 36 hours, the family cremated her sister near the funeral pyre on Sunday morning.

This village is 20 km away from Sagar. 21-year-old Jyoti alias Preeti, who went to the farm at 6 pm on Thursday, did not return for three hours. Jyoti’s elder brother Shersingh Thakur said that vegetables were planted in the farm.

Jyoti used to go to buy vegetables in the evening, but she did not return till late, so I thought she must have gone to her friend’s house. After that, they searched the village till 12 o’clock in the night, but they did not find it.

Jyoti’s father Bhole Singh went to the farm at 9 am on Friday. They suspected that Jyoti had not fallen into the well, so they put a motor in the well and emptied the water. After seeing Jyoti’s clothes in the well at 11 o’clock two hours later, they informed the police. The police removed Jyoti’s body from the well and sent it to the Prime Minister.

When Jyoti’s cousin brother Karan Thakur (18), who was living at home, came to know about this news, he left for Sagar on a motorcycle.

After that, the family performed the last rites at the crematorium near the village. Jyoti’s elder brother Sher Singh says that after the last rites at 6 o’clock on Friday evening, everyone in the village returned home. Until then, Karan Thakur had not reached there. On Saturday at 11 o’clock in the morning, Jyoti’s cremation was near, some of the villagers said.

Karan used to come to Majhguwan village frequently from Dhar, so some people of the village also knew Karan. The news of Karan J came to his father Uday Singh in Khalghat village of Dharampuri tehsil of Dhar district.

It is said that Karan reached the crematorium between 7 and 9 am on Saturday and cremated his sister’s body. Around 11 o’clock the villagers saw him burnt. Then they took him to the hospital but Karan died on the way.

After Karan’s death on Saturday afternoon, his body was also sent for post-mortem. On Saturday evening, the police released the body and the family, but by that time, Karan’s parents had not reached Sagar from Dhar, and their parents reached Majhguwan village.

Then on Sunday morning, the family performed Karan’s last rites near sister Jyoti’s funeral pyre in his presence. According to Divyaprakash Tripathi of Thana Baheria, 21-year-old Jyoti alias Preeti slipped and fell into the well while filling water and died.

His uncle Karan reached Majhguwan village from Dhar and slept on the pyre of sister’s fire. He was badly injured. He died on the way to the hospital. Police are investigating both incidents.

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