Bhai was found in a ghost-like state, he tried to see it but couldn’t see it (see video)

Bhai was found in a ghost-like state, he tried to see it but couldn’t see it (see video)

She said that her brother, who had been missing for a few days, was found hanging, which is a terrible condition to see.

Also read: How do we ask for votes? Why should we preach?’, Deepa Karki, who was idling in the street of Kupandol, expressed her complaint while wiping her tears. Dr. who has nominated in Lalitpur-3 from National Independent Party. Tosima Karki’s mother is Deepa. Dr. Karki’s father Padam Bahadur Karki has also understood that the Election Commission is trying to stop his daughter.

Dr. Padam Bahadur, who has been working on his daughter’s campaign since the day Karki decided to run, says, “In Lalitpur, efforts have been made to stop her daughter in every way.”

On October 12, the Election Commission decided to cancel Toshima’s candidacy, saying that he was in a position of profit. After the Supreme Court overturned the Commission’s decision and ordered that Tosima’s candidacy be maintained, Tosima is currently in the limelight.

The National Independent Party, which was formed just before the election, has entered the election on the basis of the candidate’s credibility, not the organization itself. Dr. Karki’s family members and neighbors are active in Karki’s election campaign.

“We are family members who are campaigning”, says candidate Karki’s uncle Naveen Karki. Naveen is carrying a speaker and a mic. However, he says that the commission instructed them not to use the mic. Naveen complains, “They say not to ring the bell and the mic”, complains, “Sometimes they try to get you out of the competition.”

Tosima is the eldest of the three children of Padam Bahadur and Deepa. There is no big crowd like big parties in Karki’s house. Karki’s father distributes the padam leaflets in front of them, after which Karki introduces herself.

Kopila Pandey of Gorkha Siranchok, Urmila Thapa of Pyuthan Dandakhark, Shrikant Rana Upreti of Baitadi Gothala Pani, Vinod Rawal Karki of Kailali Dhangadhi are also participating in Tosima’s housewarming. They want all new faces to reach the parliament.

The Commission is repeatedly trying to rein in Karki, who is going from house to house with the strength of her family and those who have goodwill towards her. Dressed in sports shoes and hakupatasi, Tosima has reached all the villages of Lalitpur-3 on foot.

“The Commission tries to stop Kubela from time to time, let’s see how much it stops”, Karki is sure. “He walked quickly because he had to walk everywhere,” says Tosima. Her 62-year-old father and mother, who are walking with Tosima, seem to be struggling to match their steps with their daughter’s pace.

From seven in the morning, Tosima’s family leaves the house. When they reach home in the evening, her parents are more tired than Tosima. Deepa’s mother complains that her daughter, who has made her life safe by working as a doctor, is not seen even when she comes into politics for the good of the country and the people.

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