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After the protest, the government of Gandaki province, which has withdrawn the heavy tax imposed on vehicles, has increased the tax on real estate registration, registration and shareholding by almost 300 percent.

Earlier, the provincial government had enacted a law to provide lifetime service to ex-officers and increased tax on vehicles. The government withdrew the decision to increase the tax on vehicles after protests.

The real estate tax, registration and share bond fees have been increased. In the budget of the financial year 2079/080, it is mentioned that the share bond within Sagol will be taxed over 5,000 within three generations.

For naming within three generations, a fee of 5,000 has been set in the metropolis, 3,000 in the municipality and 1,500 in the village. Last year, the namsari fee in the metropolis was only 1,500. 1 thousand in the municipality.

There were 500 in the rural municipality. The government has increased the fee by 250 percent in shareholding and namsari within three generations. The fee has been increased to about 328 percent in Anshbandha and Namsari beyond three generations.

15,000 will have to be paid within the metropolis, which was previously 3,500. There has been an increase of 233 percent in municipalities and rural villages. In the previous fiscal year, the citizens of the municipality paid 3,000, but this year it has increased to 10,000.

This is also when the relatives who were waiting for the good news outside the delivery unit of the hospital were shocked when the doctor informed them that the baby’s head was cut during the delivery. According to the doctor, the baby’s head was cut in the hands of the doctor came and the rest of the body was left inside the mother’s womb.

It is mentioned in today’s news that Ghatna is from Achampet hospital in Nagarkurnul district of Telangana state in India. 23 year old Swati from Nadimpalli village in Nagarkurnul district was pregnant. He was admitted to Achampet Hospital on December 18. The doctors said that she would have a normal delivery.

According to Swati’s relatives, the doctors said that everything would be fine. According to the doctor, there was no medical problem in Swati. According to Swati, she was given an injection at Achampet Hospital. Then he was taken to the labor room. There Dr. Sudha Rani was delivering her along with 2 male doctors.

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