Another terrible incident happened in Kailali.

Another terrible incident happened in Kailali.

According to the police, 16-year-old Sanju Chaudhary of Gauriganga Municipality-3 Juneli camp of the district and 19-year-old Mayaram Chaudhary of the same place were found hanging.

On Sunday night, Sanju was found dead hanging in her house and Mayaram was found dead hanging from a tree in the forest 200 meters away from the house, according to District Police Office Kailali.

According to Ved Prakash Joshi, the spokesperson of the office, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mayaram was also found to have committed suicide 15 minutes after Sanju’s death.

He said that they are investigating whether the deaths of both are connected to each other or not.

We have to wait and one day everyone’s turn will come, but the 35 crore won by a Nepali youth in UAE recently proves that. There is also a saying in Nepali society that the river will return in 12 years.

Today we are going to discuss an exemplary couple. Even now in Nepali society, when inter-caste marriage is mentioned, the big figures of the society and the dignitaries and the common people also bite their lips once.

This means that the society has not yet accepted such marriage and love. Today we are talking about such a couple whose residence is now in Dha’Pakhel in Lalitpur.

This couple, who got married in 2064, has reached 11 years now. According to the wife’s statement, the society still says that if a Newar goes to ask for the daughter of the brother-in-law, he will bite his tongue and cannot even ask for it by blowing his chest.

At the time of marriage, there were only 2 husband and wife and after getting married in Chitwan, they came to Lalitpur and now they are enjoying inter-caste marriage after cultivating honey.

The faint smile seen on their lips tells that this couple has been together in everything and still not even once. The marriage of Dharmaraj Shrestha and Sabita Bhattarai Shrestha, the parents of a 7-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter, was very successful.

When he entered Lalitpur, he started hiring employees from one honey farm to earn millions overnight. In the beginning, they suffered a lot when they came here, but they are still happy like a newly married couple!

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