After treatment, Chamsuri came to sell her house, it has been 5 months since she drank water. Request everyone to like and share

Palpsa Dangol is a hot name in the field of Nepali comedy. Some of you may not even know that this name is Chamsuri’s name from the popular comedy teleserial “Meri Bassai”. Palpsa is now better known by the nickname Chamsuri. Born in Pagha, Kirtipur, she is currently living in Chaumati, Walaju. Fond of dancing, she participated in Miss Nepal and later started acting in Meri Bassai, but her life took a different turn.

He has been making everyone laugh by acting in Meri Bassai since 16 years, now a lot of pain has come in his life. Palpsa has been undergoing treatment for kidney disease for the past few months. Both his kidneys have failed and he is currently undergoing dialysis. She has to undergo a kidney transplant, but even in this condition, she has not stopped acting in Meri Bassai. At the same time, today she has come to Prakash Subedi’s program called Glamor Goof. What are their happy and sad things?

She says that her condition is good now and she is undergoing dialysis. She says that she acted in Meri Bassai in spite of many setbacks. She did not say that the kidney transplant will take place in January, but she did not want to reveal the name of the kidney donor because the government work had not been completed. He did not reveal that the person who donated the kidney was from the family. I did not say that it will take some time because the kidney donor will be fully checked.

At one time, she had refused all the help as more and more help was collected for her treatment, but now she is asking for help saying that she is short of money. His wish is that any one organization should give one-time support and not collect 1,200 from the people. He says that with this kind of activity, the artist is like a beggar. He is also ready to sell his house.

It has been revealed that the mother of two daughters and her husband are living abroad and they do not have a very close relationship. He also said that if you will help me with 24000 for the purpose of taking photos, I don’t need that kind of help. She says that at some point she lost all courage, she says that she has to live not only for her daughters but for Sara, and she says that she has gained a kind of self-strength.

She says that because she needs to gain weight, she only eats eggs and meat, she does not even put water in her mouth. He said that even a glass of water after taking the medicine will be removed later. He also revealed that it would be very difficult to extract water in this way. He said that he feels a great desire to drink water, but when he remembers the pain, he does not want to eat it. She says that she will drink water as soon as she can’t suppress it.

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