After the mother started getting sick again and again, the son got fed up and threw the mother into the river…

A man throws his mother into the river: A shocking incident has become public. In India’s Yadgir district, a 38-year-old man killed his 60-year-old mother by throwing her Bhima into the river.

According to the report, under the pretext of taking her to the hospital, the accused took her mother Rachamma Sharabanna Yalimeli on a motorcycle for treatment. However, instead of taking the mother to the hospital, she was taken to Hurasagundagi in Shahpur Taluk and thrown into the Bhima River.

After the body was found, this horrible incident became public after the body of a woman was found floating in the river on Wednesday. The incident of murder came out after deep interrogation after the police investigated. Bhima Shankar said that he took this step because his wife wanted to get a divorce due to her mother’s illness.

In the report published by the police, he said that it was very difficult to collect money for his mother’s treatment, and he often quarreled with his wife. Bhima Shankar and his friend, who helped in the murder of the mother, have been arrested and sent to judicial custody. File picture

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