After his mother’s kidney failed, the son saved his mother by donating one of his kidneys!

59-year-old Savitri Maharjan of Lalitpur, Maha Laxmi Municipality-5 Tika Thali, who had both kidney failure, was successfully transplanted on Wednesday. His 22-year-old son George Maharjan donated one of his kidneys to him.

A medical team led by Dr. Narayan Bhushal, surgeon of the Human Organ Transplantation Department, performed the kidney transplant at the Kist Medical College Teaching Hospital in Gwarko, Lalitpur on Wednesday morning.

The transplant team consisted of Dr.Santosh Chhetri, Renal Transplant Nephrologist, KIST Hospital, Dr.Nikesh Bajracharya, Internal Medicine, Prada Rambhakta Koju, Dr.Mahalakshmi Deuja and Dr.Smriti Koirala, Department of Anesthesia and Nurses, Anesthesia A team of cardiologists was deployed along with experts. Four days before the kidney transplant, son George and mother Savitri were admitted to the hospital.

According to the doctors, the kidney should be transplanted into the recipient within about 3 hours after the kidney is taken from the donor, whereas it usually takes 6 to 8 hours to do the kidney transplant.

The doctor involved in the transplant said that almost 6 hours long surgery had to be done for Marhajan’s kidney transplant. Almost 90 percent of women have been giving kidney to men (father, husband, son, brother, brother, uncle) in kidney transplant.

In the 19 cases of kidney transplantation at Kist Hospital, most of the wives gave kidneys to their husbands, sisters to sisters and mothers to sons.
Many mothers have saved their sons by transplanting kidney, but the case of son giving kidney to mother is very rare. Doctors say that it is probably the first case in Nepal that a 22-year-old youth has made such a big decision

There is a legal provision in Nepal that only a person within a legal relationship can donate a kidney for kidney transplantation. The relevant experts of Kist Medical College Teaching Hospital conducted a detailed study to see if there is any legal or health-related problem between the kidney recipient mother and the kidney donor son.

According to the current law of Nepal, if the relationship between the kidney donor and the patient to be transplanted is clear and if there is no problem in the health of the donor patient, the hospital claims that the kidney transplant can be done within two weeks. Kist Hospital has started kidney transplantation from 7th Baisakh 2078 and has successfully transplanted 20 people even in adverse conditions of covid-19.

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