After a man and the meat, are the villagers afraid

A 50-year-old man named Indra Bahadur Magar, who was running a meat shop in Virtamod Municipality of Jhapa, was killed by a knife. It has been 4 years in Jhapa.

A 50-year-old man named Indra Bahadur Magar, who was running a meat shop in Birtamod municipality of Jhapa, was killed by a knife. Indra, who had been running a meat shop in Jhapa for 4 years, was found dead by his family at night.

When we look at the scene, it is seen that Indra killed him while he was cutting meat. We have seen that he was killed in Indra’s shop and left in the river. When the police came to search with a dog, the body was found lying on the ground.

Toplal Aryal/News Factory-Gulmi: Dasaentihar has just ended. Those who came to the village to share happiness and joy are in a hurry to return to their destination. However, in the family of 44-year-old Tilak Pariyar of Resunga Municipality-8, the festival brought more pain instead of joy. Due to the landslide, Tilak Pariyar lost three daughters on Dasai.

Sometimes we have heard the news of fish falling from the sky. The air flows at high speed from the area of high pressure in the place of low air pressure.

As the wind increases at high speed, it tries to return by colliding with the equally powerful wind coming from the right, left and front. In this way, when the wind coming from the opposite direction pushes with the jod, the place will become dusty.

While walking, we see this kind of beetle on the field or road. When it rains, dust from the ground, pieces of cloth and paper, leaves of trees reach very high.

When the velocity of the air decreases, they all fall slowly to the ground. When it rains heavily, there are often storms, blowing dust, thunder and torrential rain. At that time, we have heard or seen fish falling from the sky somewhere.

Bhumri also occurs in seas, large lakes and ponds. After the super-powerful bhumri touches the upper part of the water, the surface of the water rotates and the force of the rotation hits the inner body and the bhumri comes up to the top.

At that time Bhumri brought fish, frogs and small insects. The wind blows it up to the sky. And when the bhumri’s power is reduced, fish and other insects fall to the ground. – With the help of the agency (Go down to see its video)

This is also how a young man became a millionaire when luck shone like this -:Many people are on the side of doing deeds but not expecting results. But it is not always true that success comes only because of karma. Sometimes a miracle of luck is seen. One such incident has come out. An ordinary citizen of Tanzania has become a millionaire overnight. He became a millionaire overnight after finding the largest tanzanite gemstone ever.

Saniniu Laizer, who found two stones weighing a total of 15 kg, received an amount equal to 41 million Nepalese rupees from the Ministry of Mines. After that success, the man said, “Tomorrow there will be a big feast.” The Tanzaniaite stone used to make jewelry is found only in northern Tanzania.

It is one of the rare gems found on earth. A local geologist has estimated that its supply will be exhausted within the next 20 years. This stone is considered special due to its variety of green, red, purple and blue colors. Its value is determined based on the rarity of the color.

But the better the color and the cleaner, the higher the price, according to the international media. President John Magufuli called and congratulated Laizer. The 52-year-old Laizer, who recently became a millionaire, was working in mining for gems and precious stones. It is mentioned in the news that he has four wives and 30 children. He said that he will invest for his community as well.

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