A loving letter written by the son of the box to his mother

I didn’t have time when I was out. I wrote a letter to my mother from inside the box, I felt it before the time came. My soul stayed abroad, my mother, remember the air as a breath, what to talk about the breath and property, mother, the body inside the box has become a rotten candle.

I went abroad to blow my big dream, mother, when I returned home, I was packed inside the box, mother. It is sad to give and owe, mother, when the body breaks down and the dream melts, even God flees, mother. I wanted to make you laugh, but that laughter turned into tears today. done mom Don’t curse me

Even the long-sick boy lying on the bed waiting for his son should be told, mother and son are coming, but after falling from the pillion, he can’t walk, he has to be carried.

And the son will not call his father, he should ask himself, he should leave the news. Martyr son of abroad.. This poetic letter is a fictional letter of a sad son

When he found out about his wife’s actions, when she did not have a single penny left at home even after years of living abroad, her husband hugged her and cried

A young man, who had a big house, had a happy family, had all the comforts and conveniences, being of a mature age, he was being talked about for marriage from all sides, even getting married to a good girl of the clan family, but he was often depressed, happy to laugh openly. It would not, because what was seen from the outside was not entirely true.

What to do with a big house and millions of debts, on top of that, it was difficult to pay the interest of the loan added by the wedding expenses. Time passed, a son was born, he grew up.

It is now difficult to run a house with the money earned by working hard and never being empty, let alone reducing the loan amount. The pain of all these things was in its place, even the jewelry he bought for his wife at the wedding was fake.

He was also tormented by the pain of what would happen if he didn’t find out one day. He never shared the problems of the house with anyone. One day he convinces his wife and family that he should make a beautiful fortune and goes abroad. A few years pass by days, months. He used to send money only for expenses at home, the rest of the money was sent to the borrowers.

At home, he used to pretend that he had deposited money in the bank and that he had to do something when he came. When the debt is paid off and he returns home. One day suddenly the son falls down the stairs, he is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, after the doctor tells him that it will cost him a lot of money, he goes away, till today he neither has any money in the bank nor does he have any money to sell anything.

The wife hurriedly drags her husband to go to the bank to withdraw money, but he is not in a position to say anything, he does not even know where he is going. When he reaches the bank he is shocked. Wife withdraws money from ATM.

She looks at him, reaches the hospital and hands over the money, while everyone is worried, the doctor comes from inside. And after hearing that the father has improved a lot and there is no danger, everyone is happy.

And the wife said, “I understand your pain, this is the money you sent me, I used to run the machine when I was at home, I used to earn a little by going to other people’s fairs and doing chores, so I used to spend the house, I opened a bank account for all the money you sent me.” I used to collect, even if you didn’t tell me, I knew the condition of the house very well.

And I also know that this jewelry is fake, I just didn’t tell you, gold is not precious to me, the day we were united, Agni and all of us swore to support each other in every joy and sorrow. We were. No matter who made this gift from you that day. For me, a diamond is nothing less than a pearl.”

He can’t say anything, he just looks at his wife and keeps shedding tears. His wife hugs him like a mother. He feels that all his pain till date has disappeared in an instant. In a day or two, the father will be fine and now, no matter what happens, they will endure all the happiness and pain together, they will be happy in what they have, and some will not be separated, some will decide not to go abroad and live happily. Courtesy of Facebook. –

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