A loving couple was chased and found buried. Watch the video

After losing the election, he sold panipuri in the street and sold panipuri, he died laughing (watch video)

A Bhairal cart driver named Mohbir Basnet, a resident of Simta village in Surkhet district, who was once a member of the ward, is now making a living by selling chatpates and panipuri on the streets, the same man came to the media today during a conversation.

Even though he laughed a lot, saying that the losses incurred during the election will be recovered from this business.

He says that today he is suffering because he did not understand the importance of money by walking everywhere in life.

The father of three daughters and one son said that he used to earn 700 a day from a brisk business. In a very humorous manner, he also said that he has started a small business for lack of capital and is gradually expanding it.

Watch the rest in the video below

Chasing a loving couple, love does not hold the world

Kathmandu. A doctor was found dead in his room. Civil Hospital doctor Sushmita Pathak was found dead in her room at Imadol. DSP Manoj Kumar Lama of District Police Complex Lalitpur confirmed this.

According to him, she was found dead at 2 pm on Tuesday. The deceased doctor was a permanent resident of Jaleshwar Municipality-9 Mahottari and was currently living in Lalitpur Mahalakshmi Municipality-2 Imadole.

She lived on rent in Krishna Subedi’s house in Imadol. 27-year-old doctor Pathak was found dead inside the room where she was staying. The housekeeper informed the police when the room where Dr. Pathak was staying was not opened even till 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

After that, a police team from Satdobato and Imadol went and broke open the locked room of the local people’s representative and doctor Pathak’s relatives in Rohwar. The body was on the floor of the room. A dead body was found with a syringe containing medicine on the bed, empty bottles of medicine used during treatment, an empty syringe in the palm of the right hand and a canon in the left hand.

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