A 2-year-old girl killed herself by giving new life to 5 people

Kathmandu. A girl who was given only 20 months of her life has finally died giving a new life to 5 other children.

After the accident, the girl named Dhanishtha was declared brain dead by the hospital, her parents donated her organs. Along with this, Dhanishta from Rohini of Delhi, India has become the youngest organ donor in the country. His heart, liver, kidney and both corneas of his eyes have been donated.

Dhanishta fell from the first floor balcony while playing on January 8. He was admitted to Sir Gangaram Hospital. On January 11, he was declared brain dead.

Dhanishta’s father Ashish Kumar told news agency IANS, “Doctors told us that Dhanishta is brain dead and there is no chance of her recovery.”

When our daughter was hospitalized, we met parents who were waiting for an organ to save their child’s life.

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Look immediately, if you have mercy in your heart, please share this post as much as possible and help save this father.

We need your help to save this father, so if you have compassion and love in your heart, please share this post as much as possible and let everyone love it. The death of the father who put the phone to take care of the mother in the video call, the daughter did not hear that moment


According to Hindu tradition, if a person dies, the son does the kazkiriya. After the death, if there is no son, it is customary for the brother or brother’s son to perform Dashagatra according to religion and culture. Society’s thinking and traditions are also changing with time. Now the daughter has started to break the stereotype that parents who do not have children do not go to heaven after their death.


After the death of her father, 16-year-old daughter Kiriya is living in Tulsipur of Dang, breaking old beliefs. After the death of 38-year-old father Tek Bahadur Pariyar, a resident of Tulsipur sub-metropolitan city-5, Sangit Nagar, on 13th Baisakh due to corona virus, his daughter Vinita Pariyar is now living in Kiriya. “Daddy, who had gone to India for work a month ago to study well, never lived with his children. On the day before his death, he said in a video call, “Take care of your mother, daughter,” Vinitia said.


Vinita says that even though she is a daughter, Daddy always says that she is his son. “My big mother used to say that a daughter should not live in Kiriya, but my heart didn’t agree,” Vinita said, “I am also less than a son and I sat saying that.”


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