A 13-year-old boy wrote ‘I am sorry mom, lost 40 thousand in the game, don’t cry’; c..

Every parent wants their children to focus more on their studies. Although sports are as important as education for children, in today’s era of smartphones and social media, children prefer to play outside less and prefer to play on their mobiles all day. Children especially like to play games on mobile. They play games silently for hours in front of their parents or them.

13-year-old Krishna from Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh was also addicted to playing mobile games. During the lockdown, he used to take online classes from his mother’s mobile phone, but he used to hide and play games.

But he started spending money on games. Krishna loved to play free fire games. However, he lost Rs 40,000 in this game. This money was deducted from his mother’s bank account.Mother Preeti Pandey called her son after receiving a message on her mobile about deducting money from the bank. The son said the money was deducted from the free fire game. Hearing this, the mother became very angry and scolded her son.

Hearing his mother’s scolding, the son became so depressed that he said; Don’t come; Killed him. come Before killing him, he su; He has also written a side note, which will bring tears to your eyes.

Living in Sagar Road, Krishna was the only son of Vivek Pandey and Preeti Pandey. His father is a pathology operator and his mother is working in the district hospital. Krishna used to study in 6th standard. He also has a sister.

At 3 pm on Friday, he was alone at home with his sister. His father was in pathology and his mother was in the hospital. There was a message on the mother’s mobile about deducting 1500 rupees. In such a situation, the mother called her son and asked how the money was cut? In that, the son told about the online game, at which the angry mother scolded him.

Hearing his mother’s scolding, Krishna entered the room and closed the door from inside. After a while, his sister knocked on the door. When there was no response from inside, Krishna called his parents. When his parents came home, they broke the door of Krishna’s room. But seeing the scene inside, the ground fell under his feet. his 13-year-old son Zhu; It was hung.

Su from Krishna’s room; A side note was also found in which he wrote that he had lost Rs 40,000 in the free fire game. I went into depression; He also said that he killed them. He has written for his mother ‘Sorry mom, don’t cry.’ This child’s suicide note is now going viral on social media.

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