6 members of a single family committed suicide by consuming poison after not being able to pay the debt!

6 members of a single family committed suicide by consuming poison after not being able to pay the debt! Write #RIP

No one wants to take a loan, but those who give it want to give. The lenders give loans so that if they give the property they have kept to someone, they earn good interest along with the given money. Sometimes it can be said that it comes as a loan period

After taking a loan out of necessity, there is a lot of trouble in repaying it later. Unable to bear the burden of constant debt, some have committed suicide. A similar thing happened to a family in India on Sunday morning. In Gorakhpur district, six people from the same family committed suicide by consuming poisonous substances due to debt

After the door was not opened until late on Sunday morning, the neighbor came and asked. Locals informed the police that five bodies were found inside when they opened the door

Kailali. An Indian citizen’s family is in trouble because of Nepalese. The family of Kuldeep Singh of Hyderabad, India, is now in a state of confusion after the Nepalese disappeared the property along with the wife of an Indian citizen. Kuldeep’s eldest son even committed suicide after a Nepali citizen sent his mother an obscene video. The Indian family is begging for help in the search for them, who are still unknown.

Chetan Singh of Dullu Municipality Ward No. 8 of Dailekh reached Hyderabad last month of Kartik for work. Kuldeep Singh, a businessman there, gave him a cart in front of his shop on rent for a monthly rent of 21,000. Chetan ran a fast food business there. He drove the cart for 3 consecutive months. But Chetan did not pay the monthly rent to Kuldeep saying that the business was not good. He said that he would come to Nepal for a few days and pay the rent after returning.

Meanwhile, Kuldeep went to Rajasthan for a special job. On the same occasion, Kuldeep’s 38-year-old wife Kavita Kabia, 2 laptops, around 1.8 million Indian rupees in cash and 60 tolas of gold along with Chetan also went missing. This incident has caused an uproar among Indian families. After Chetan sent his mother a pornographic video, his 22-year-old eldest son committed suicide in Kuldeep. His other son tried to commit suicide. His seven-year-old daughter is devastated by the loss of her mother, while Kuldeep is admitted to the hospital.

Until a few months ago, Chetan was threatening the Bharatiya Singh family through Facebook messages, using rude and obscene insults and encouraging suicide. He also used to send photos of Kavita Kabia being beaten and injured.

Now there is no information about Chetan’s whereabouts and Kabiya’s condition. The Indian Singh family has repeatedly asked Kabiya and Chetan to come in contact.

The victim claims that Chetan is now hiding in Nepal. On the other hand, the police said that although verbal information was received, no written application was received. Dailekh Police Chief Deputy Superintendent of Police Kishore Lamsal said that they could not find Chetan’s house even if they visited him repeatedly and if the victim’s application was received through Interpol and the Embassy, the police would be able to conduct an inter-district search. On the other hand, the Indian police has also intensified their search.

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