30-year-old Prem KC of Nepal protecting India’s border.

A young man serving in the Indian Army, who hails from Tulsipur, has died in a terrorist attack. Tulsipur sub-metropolitan ward no. 30-year-old Prem KC of Beluwa died of suicide. It has been reported that a group of KC working in Jammu and Kashmir was attacked around 5 am on Friday and he died while being taken to the hospital.

Tulsi KC, Prem’s brother, had called the family at around 9:00 a.m. and informed them that there had been gunshots. But the family members informed his friends that he was already dead.

KTM Daily Another Nepali has lost his life to defend India’s border. Many Nepalis are working in the Indian Army. India has been using them for border protection

this too

A tragic but strange road accident has occurred in Turkey. A car overturned in Gaziantep city here on Saturday. Four people were injured in it.

Ambulance and police team reached the spot. Many people gathered around. Preparations were made to give first aid to those injured in the car accident and transfer them to the ambulance. Meanwhile, another terrible accident happened.

According to media reports, the police and medical team were preparing to take the people in the car to the hospital by ambulance. Many people were present at the scene. At the same time, the blue bus coming from a distance went out of control.

The crowd of people involved in the uncontrolled bus rescue was trampled forward. This bus trampled many people. So far, 34 people have been confirmed dead. It is said that 29 people were injured. Its video is going viral.

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