30 Nepalis in Saudi Arabia

30 Nepalis who died in Saudi Arabia

The Nepali Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has sent the amount due to 30 Nepali citizens who died in Saudi Arabia due to various reasons. 5 lakh 81 thousand 334 Saudi Arabia including the remaining salary, allowance and blood money for the period of their work to be received by the legal rights of the deceased Nepalese workers.

Riyals were sent to the account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kathmandu on January 8, the embassy said. Salaries, allowances and compensations due to those Nepalese workers who died in road accidents, suicides, natural deaths, electrocution and those who died during work have been sent to Nepal.**** Click below to see the full video of this news****

Akhilesh Kumar Chaudhary of Rupandehi, Bhim Bahadur KC of Baglung, Vivek Kunwar of Palpa, Vikram Ghimire of Dhankuta, Buddhikumar Shrestha of Tanahun, Dadhiram KC of Gulmi, Gopal Prasad Sah of Sarlahi, Gyan Bahadur Gurung of Gorkha, Jhalak Shrestha and Khadg Chaudhary of Jhapa who lost their lives in road accidents.

According to the embassy, the amount of blood money due to Lal Bahadur Tamang of Sankhuwasabha, Mangale Sarki of Khotang, Namraj Khadka of Dhading, Raju Tamang of Nuwakot and Tikaram Chaudhary of Dang has been sent to Nepal.**** Click below to watch the full video of this news****

Likewise, I study well, I stand on my own feet, I have something to do in life, women should not be less than men, they should not be dependent on others, if they are dependent, they will be disappointed.” But the irony is that although women are not weaker than men, why are wives weaker than husbands?

While men and women are two wheels of one chariot, husband and wife are two wheels of one chariot. No one prefers to call women weaker than men, women cannot be called weak. Women are not really weak, they are made weak. But who? Time, circumstances, men, other women or themselves are making women weak? ****Click below to watch the full video of this news****

The answer to this question is not so easy. In particular, the various weaknesses of men make women weak. Due to the monopolistic narrow thinking of men and the tendency to always win, women are becoming weak. That’s why men usually choose women who are younger than them when getting married.

When a woman gets married, she always wants her husband to keep her happy. Not only women but every creature in the society thinks that a husband should always keep his wife happy. A wife also wants to keep her husband happy.

Since husband and wife are two wheels of a chariot, the happiness of both is important. But if sometimes your husband seems sad then you have to pay attention to it. Maybe your husband is getting sad because of you. ****Click below to watch the full video of this news****

You may not like it if your husband is stressed because of you and someone else. Many men complain that their wives never listen to them. So whenever your husband starts to talk, listen to him very attentively.

Many men want their wives to share their finances and other responsibilities. If both of you work hard, the husband is not the only one responsible for running the household. Therefore, both of you avoid household expenses together.

After your marriage, instead of focusing on looking attractive, focus on your husband’s work so that he feels that you are with him all the time.**** Click below to watch the full video of this news****

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