(3) The mother did not poison her three-year-old daughter!

Dailekh district A, Dalat has on Tuesday sentenced the mother to life imprisonment for the crime of killing her three-year-old daughter by poisoning.

According to the court, 22-year-old Harimaya Rawal was sentenced for murdering a minor girl in Gurans Rural Municipality 2, Lamchuri, Maitighar Dailekh a year ago.

Indra Bahadur Karki, Deputy Secretary of the Court informed that the bench of District Judge Balram Lamsal has sentenced the woman to life imprisonment (25 years) under Section 137 of the Criminal Code.

After a dispute at home, Harimaya, who was living in Maitighar, committed a dispute with her sister-in-law, and with the intention of killing herself and her daughter together, she consumed metacited poison kept in the house to be sprayed on vegetables on March 27, 2078. Her daughter died on February 4, while undergoing treatment. .

Harimaya’s mother-in-law Dilsara Sarki filed a complaint at the district police office on February 4, saying that the incident of poisoning a minor under some other pretext while she was living in Maiti was unforgivable.

This too

Doti: There is a financial problem in the treatment of a child burnt in the fire. There was a problem in the treatment of the son of Ram Bahadur Thapa of Bhurkella, Sayal Rural Municipality-2, Doti. Last June, Ishan Thapa, a 14-month-old boy, was burnt in a fire and most of his body was burnt.

Bhakta Bahadur Rokaya, a local resident of Sayal and community worker, informed that the child who was burnt by fire was being treated in Nepal for ten days after treatment was not possible. According to him, there is now a problem in the treatment of children due to lack of finances.

According to the relatives, 160,000 Nepalese rupees have been spent on the child’s birth and 85,000 Nepalese rupees will be required for rebirth. Relatives and family members of the child have requested everyone for financial support to save the life of the child who is on the verge of death due to lack of finances.

The boy’s relatives have appealed to father Ram Bahadur Thapa’s mobile number 8009883766 and HDFC Indian Bank account number 50100530328367 to provide financial support for his treatment.

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