3 sons who went to Malami with their father’s body at the same time!

Eight people died in an accident in the Malami bus. Eight people died when the bus carrying Malami crashed. At 10:30 in the morning, a bus carrying 35 Malami passengers had an accident. Please click below to watch the full video of this news

According to the locals, one of the six brothers and sons has already died. Now, while the body of the father was being taken for the funeral, the local resident informed that three sons also died in a bus accident.

The driver of the accident bus is absconding. The police said that he was absconding after the accident. It is said that 13 people who were injured in that incident are being treated in different hospitals. Click below to watch the full video of this news

A bus carrying a dead body for a funeral had an accident. Eight people died on the spot when the bus accident occurred, said the Chief Superintendent of Police of the District Police Office.

Shishir Bik of Bara had also come to the house of his grandmother in Hetaunda to inoculate. After putting on Dashain Tika, he reached Hetaunda Bus Park to return home. A bus was found from Narayangadh towards Pathalaiya, but it was crowded.

Father Suresh Bik said, “This is how it is in Dussein, let’s get on.” Shishir was going to Madhesh province by taking a bus in which Themalthel was a passenger. Shishir’s father Suresh, who is traveling by sitting in the driver’s seat (burner), is also a driver himself. After getting down from the Churia Mandir, he realized that the bus he was riding in did not brake, he asked the driver to turn the bus towards the forest. Click below to watch the full video of this news.

11-year-old Shishir, who is being treated at Hetaunda Hospital, said, “When my father drove the car in the forest, he was saying there was no brake, but the driver continued to drive ahead, honking his horn. When the vehicle was about to swerve at a turn near No. 3 bridge, the driver jumped. The bus full of passengers landed on the river bank about 15/20 meters below the road.

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